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Frequently Asked Questions about Bunnock

Q: What ages can play Bunnock?

A: The best thing about this game is people of any age can play and can play together.         As long as yo can swing your arm and throw you can play bunnock.



Q: Is Bunnock Expensive

A: It may seem expensive compared to other cheaply made games, but our game is manufactured to the highest quality and you will most likely never have to buy another set again.


Q: Are the sets made with real horse bones?

A:   No, the Bunnock we have is manufactured to look, feel and weigh exactly like a comparable size real horse bone that were traditionally used.

Q:   How can I tell if my Bunnock is is a authentic set and not a copycat version.

A:   All the playing pieces will say BUNNOCK on the back with the website on the bottom. If they do not, then the are not the real thing.